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The Horses

Previous Partners

VDL Ulando H

Owner: Ruth Armstrong

Photography by XpressFoto

Year Foaled: 2001

Breed: Canadian Warmblood

Sire: Corland

Dam: Fanieta


Karl and VDL Ulando H began their partnership in the spring of 2011. Since then they have been steadily climbing through the ranks of the sport. Together they finished 10th at the Fair Hill International CCI** and are now competing at the Advanced level with their sights set on the 2012 Olympics in London, UK.  VDL Ulando is an incredible mount for Karl. ” This is a horse that literally jumps for fun. Coming out at each competition and clearing each jump by 2 feet is just something Ulando does”.


Charley Farley (aka Charley)

Photo by Shannon Brinkman

Owner:  Penny Rowland

Year Foaled:  1998

Breed: English Thoroughbred Gelding

Sire: Brigadier Linden

Dam: Crystal Black

I started riding Charley in early 2009. He had competed up to the CCI ** level with Dr. Penny Rowland. I always think of Charley as a solid, determined and reliable horse.  He loves to please and is very competitive. Early in our partnership we won the Bromont International CCI**.  Later in 2009 we moved up a level at Maui Jim Horse Trials and placed 4th at his first Advanced level competition. Since then Charley has had a number of successful results at the CIC*** level and a good result at Fair Hill International has qualified him for 2010 World Equestrian Games (WEGs) in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. He finished 2nd this winter at Poplar Place at the Advanced level.   Charley and I are  Short Listed for the Canadian Eventing Team and are currently aiming to represent Canada at the WEGs.

Kachemak Bay (aka Zeus)

Photo by Shannon Brinkman

Owner:  Karl Slezak

Year Foaled:  1994

Breed: Thoroughbred Gelding

Sire: Prosperous

Dam: Gladring

I started riding Zeus in 2008. Prior to that, Zeus competed up to the intermediate level with several competition partners including his current owner, Frankie Simpson.  He is  an older and more experienced horse and is tough as nails. I’m convinced that if he were a person he would constantly wear a leather jacket with the collar popped. Zeus has a very competitive nature and is fierce every time out.  He is quick on his feet and very consistent at each and every event.  In the spring of 2009 Zeus was 4th at the Jersey Fresh International CCI*** which qualified him for 2010 World Equestrian Games (WEGs) in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.   He is currently Short Listed for the Canadian Eventing Team.

Private Ryan (aka Ryan)

Owner: Karl Slezak

Photo by Shannon Brinkman

Year Foaled:  1995

Breed: Dutch Warmblood  Gelding

Sire:  Clavecimbel

Dam: Jontue

Ryan is a real character.  He is a barn favourite without question and is always up for some attention or treats.  In my first year of riding Ryan I spent more time on the ground than on his back. He would buck me off at least once a ride for a good six months.  That being said, he is the first horse that I produced through the levels from being barely broke up to the CCI*** level. He was also the first horse I rode around both Intermediate and Advanced Levels courses. Ryan provided me with such great experience.  Together we competed at the 2002 North American Young Riders Championships CCIY**  and at the Fox Hall Cup International CCI*** in 2004. We achieved Short Listed status for the Canadian Eventing Team for the first time and qualified for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Watson’s Shelbreen (aka Shelbreen)

Photo by Shannon Brinkman

Owner:  Frankie Simpson

Year Foaled:  1999

Breed: Dutch Warmblood/Thoroughbred Cross Mare

Sire: Ramiro

Dam: Cailin

Shelbreen comes out of her stall the same each and every day and never seems to have a bad one.  She has the sweetest personality  and always puts in  a very steady and consistent round.  I began riding her after she had already competed successfully up to the CIC** with her owner, Frankie Simpson. In 2009 Shelbreen and I had a very competitive year with Intermediate level wins at Napierville and Morven Park Horse Trials  as well as 2nd at Grandview Horse Trials. She made the move up to Advanced at Maui Jim Horse Trials and had a respectable finish just outside the ribbons. In the fall she had a solid run through the horribly muddy conditions at Fair Hill International CCI**, were she achieved Long Listed Status for the Canadian Eventing Team.

As Time Goes By (aka Cala)

Photo by Kelly List


Owner: Dana Carlin

Year Foaled: 1997

Breed: Thoroughbred

Sire: Mill Native

Dam: Wig Hill

From day one Cala has been a pleasure to work with and the two of us just ‘click’. She is a relatively new horse for me and I competed her this winter in Florida. Over the winter she has come a long way and has produced the results to prove it. Together we had multiple placings in the top 5 at the Intermediate level and I look forward to working with her owner, Dana Carlin as she takes back the ride.



Braveheart (aka Bravo)

Photo by Shannon Brinkman

Owner: Pat Fitzgerald

Year Foaled: 1997

Breed: Thoroughbred

Sire: Ascot Knight

Dam: Unknown

Bravo has come a long way since I started riding him in 2004. He raced for several years and was then purchased by Pat Fitzgerald who owns Wolf Run Farm. Needless to say, Bravo knows his place and makes sure that each and every person who enters the barn, passes by him first. He gets away with more than most but has a heart of gold and has stepped up to each and every challenge I have presented him with. Our accomplishments together include a 2nd place finish at the Florida Horse Park CCI**, a 7th place in the CIC*** at Richland Park in 2009 and many other successes throughout the levels all the way up to Advanced. We were long-listed for the Canadian Eventing Team in 2008 and 2009.



Rather Well (aka Forrest)

Photo by Shannon Brinkman

Owner: Janette Leask

Year Foaled: 1996

Breed: Thoroughbred

Sire: Raj Kapoor

Dam: Copy the Roses

I always think of Forrest as the “Little Engine that Could”. Forrest overcame significant physical challenges but never stopped trying. He always seemed to come out on top. Together we have been very successful at all levels of the sport including a win at the Maui Jim Horse Trials in the Advanced division and a 9th place finish at Wits End CIC*** to name a few. Being a Stallion, Forrest is standing at Wolf Run Farm and has a number of babies at all ages competing in a variety of disciplines. These days, Forrest enjoys showing young event riders the ropes. He has been passing on his experience to both of my working students: Sean Mitchell and Janelle Caldwell.


Showdown (aka Nigel)

Photo by Andrew Bailini

Owner:  Don J. Good

Year Foaled: 1998

Breed: Irish Sport Horse

Sire: Imperial Bouncer

Dam: Unknown

Severely Misunderstood Nigel. He came to me afraid of the world and through hard work, dedication, patience and determination we became quite the team and moved through the levels of the sport with success. These included a strong finish at Jersey Fresh CCI*** and a short-listed status for the Canadian Eventing Team for the 2008 Olympic Games in Bejing.






Foxwood Spencer (aka Spencer)

Owner: John Rumble

Photo by Shannon Brinkman

Year Foaled: 1995

Breed: Throughbred

Sire: Ramiro

Dam: Unknown

Spencer put me on the map. He was my first truly competitive horse through the levels with multiple wins including a 1st place finish at the prestigious Red Hills Horse Trials in the Advanced division and a 4th place finish at Maui Jim in the CIC***.









Pavarotti (aka Rotti)

Photo by Andrew Bailini

Owner: Don J. Good

Year Foaled: 2002

Breed: Westfalien

Sire: Pavarotti v. d. Helle

Dam: Hauptstutbuch

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. The opportunity to purchase such a unique horse came very unexpectedly. To this day, he is one of the nicest horses I have ever ridden. I enjoyed my competitiveness with him in my short time riding him and together we had great fun with a second place finish in our first CCI* at the Florida Horse Park and a 4th place at the indoor Eventing competition at the Royal Winter Fair.