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Sponsor Opportunities

Below are just a few of the ways in which sponsorship of Karl Slezak Eventing would provide you and/ or your company with opportunities for promotion of your product or service:

• Open Advertising Opportunities. ( ie. Television Commercials, Newspapers & Magazines, Internet, Signage on Trucks, Horse trailers, Saddle Pads, Shirts, Jackets, etc.)

• National & International Media Coverage, including initial Announcement of Partnership through all local & National media outlets

• Local  Media Coverage

• Direct Exposure – Spectators at Events

• New Product Launches at Events

• Website Presence & Electronic Media Promotion

•  Use of Corporate Name with Horse’s Name in all competitions (ie. “Perrier’s Private Ryan”)

•  Exclusivity in Product Categories – Endorsement and Distribution

•  Visual Representation on Horse Equipment & Rider Apparel

•  Special Recognition at Awards Ceremonies, and all media interviews

•  Utilization of Horse’s Name and Rider’s Name in Sponsor Advertising, Promotion and Endorsement

•  Trade opportunities at Trade Fairs during Competitions with Celebrity Representation of you and/or your product(s)

•  Entertainment for you and your corporate guests at competitions, as well as corporate team building days or competitor reception

•   Any “Customized” Program for special needs or goals can be designed and individualized for you to maximize your investment

Photo by Janice Simpson