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Back in Action!

Hi Everyone,

KSE has successfully completed their first show of the season at Rocking Horse Horse Trials, the horses had a good first outing and Katlyn made a successful upgrade to intermediate on her horse Marco.  Currently we are looking forward to our next outing at the Ocala Horse Park this weekend.  Follow Karl, Katlyn, Emily and myself by keeping updated on www.evententries.com (http://www NULL.evententries NULL.com).

Speaking personally, Rocking Horse was a big wake up call and helped me to sort out what I’ll be working on this season.  My main focus at Ocala will be working on getting out of the saddle and galloping in between fences.  Riding is a large component of a rider’s fitness but I recently also joined a CrossFit gym in Ocala.  I am excited to see how it will change my riding in terms of strength and stamina.  Everyone should check out the link below which demonstrates why being physically fit is important to you riding!

http://eventingconnect.today/2015/01/15/is-clayton-fredericks-also-a-vaulter-video-break/ (http://eventingconnect NULL.today/2015/01/15/is-clayton-fredericks-also-a-vaulter-video-break/)
Until next time – Rachel

Chance and I at Rocking Horse Winter 1.