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Winter 2015. The Beginning….

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your winter – whether it be in Canada or the sunny South!   I’m happy to announce that the horses of Karl Slezak Eventing have arrived safely at Spruce Stables South and are prepping for their first show at Rocking Horse in a few weeks.  Be sure to stay updated on the blog  and follow us on evententries.com!

It has been a busy few weeks getting all the horses back into a routine for show season!  We are lucky to be located kitty corner to Frederick Equestrian’s Cross Country Park.  Our first cross-country school of the season happened this week and I can say for certain that all of the horses were excited to be back out on the cross country field getting their toes wet and sharpening up their jumping skills.

This season should be an exciting one for us with 4 horses declared for the Pan American Games happening this summer in Toronto, Ontario.  And 3 horses declared for the North American Young Riders Championships held at the Kentucky Horse Park.

We cannot wait to get the winter season under way at Spruce Stables South!

Until Next Time….

-Rachel, Chance, and Isaac

The boys enjoying the sunny (but sometimes still chilly) south!