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The Summer 2014 Show Season by the Numbers..

It’s been an incredible show season for Team Slezak.  Our team has grown, we’ve had many successes and most importantly each member of the team has accomplished lofty goals and had many personal bests.  Check out some statistics from our best season yet!

Team Slezak by the Numbers

124- The number of horse-rider starts at Ontario and US events this season

85- The number of top 10 finishes by team members this year

13- The largest number of horse-rider combinations competing on the same day

21- The number of 1st place finishes by Team Slezak

70%- The percentage of starts that resulted in a top 10 finish

25%- The percentage of those finishes that were 1st place

Check out the percentages for each placing on all 85 of our top 10 finishes here!

Top 10 finishes by Team Slezak.