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Introducing the “Working Student” Blog

As we head into a new competition season at Karl Slezak Eventing we thought it would be fun to add a “Working Student Blog” to our repertoire of social media. This blog will document the experiences and lessons from our working student, “Brad Champagne”.  Brad began working for Karl Slezak Eventing this fall and has spent the last few months learning the ways of Team Slezak both around the barn and in the saddle. He brings with him his partner, C” Taz Go who is currently competing at the Training level with goals of upgrading in the near future.

We welcome Brad to Team Slezak and hope you enjoy his blog.


Brad Champagne and "C" Taz Go

December 2013:

New Beginnings.

Since joining Karl Slezak Eventing (KSE) and Wolf Run Farm a few months ago,  I have learned more about running a farm and have improved my riding more than I could have ever imagined. This opportunity has been such a great experience and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for my riding career during my time at KSE.  Everyone on the team has been very welcoming and helpful during these first few months. Karl has taught Taz and I so much already and I am thrilled to see how things progress when we start competing down south.

Oh right! This will be my first time going out of Ontario to show and it still feels like a dream, especially because I’m able to bring my horse, “Taz”.  When I got Taz just over a year ago from the back field at a small private farm north of Ottawa, I didn’t expect that we would be where we are now and I am so excited to have Karl’s help to progress even more.  One of the many things that I have learned from Karl is that you should have dreams and goals, but don’t get to “tunnelled” in on them because if you miss one opportunity you can always try again and there will be another opportunity that’s maybe even bigger than your last goal..and with some hard work and determination it’s achievable.

Not only have the people at Wolf Run Farm been great, but the animals have mostly been great and even the ones that “tested” me at the beginning are slowing warming up. Even though I’m not a cat person I have strangely begun to enjoy the two feline members of Wolf Run!  Taz’s attitude has improved more and more each week since we had a bit of a disagreement that left me with a few stitches on my face… but aside from that I really can’t complain….

This past week Karl told me a very interesting and helpful piece of advice and that was to always be thinking about your next move, whether it is during a dressage test, x-c run, a stadium round, or really just about whenever I am making a decision….so on that note, I will end this blog entry, head back out to the barn on this cold Ontario winter day and begin thinking about what to write for the next blog!

Until next time!