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Winter 2010 Newsletter Released

While I do try my best to be in contact with each and every sponsor and supporter as much as possible it can be challenging to reach everyone with every update as I would like. To keep you in the loop and aware of the successes, challenges, new arrivals, future plans and schedules of the entire Karl Slezak Eventing Team I have decided to create a newsletter. This news update will be sent out every other month.  In this issue we have updates from the first few events, a schedule for the rest of the season, some introductions as well as the details of a release date for the new and improved karlslezakeventing.com. I hope you are all enjoying the beginnings of spring. Things are finally starting to warm up here in Ocala just in time for the big events of the season.  I welcome you to join me at any of these competitions and point specific focus to Rolex from April 21-25th in Lexington, Kentucky. Hope to see you there!!

Winter 2010 Newsletter